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Meet Instant Butler

The fastest way to navigate WordPress

1. Click

Simply click to un-focus any existing textfields

2. Type

Type something on your keyboard to
activate the Instant Butler. The indexed results will show up instantly as you type!

3. Go!

Press enter to go. Congratulations! You've just saved valuable 10 seconds.

What is it exactly?

Instant Butler for WordPress is a lightweight administration plugin that makes it a lot easier and faster to navigate around in your Wordpress-admin.

Simply just type to go anywhere on the site in a matter of seconds - finding pages, posts, media etc. has never been easier!

The plugin is developed for all Wordpress users - from the casual Wordpress-blogger, front-end designer, web-manager or even developers.

Watch our demo and see the magic or scroll further down to learn more.
Video coming soon!

Work faster than ever!

Time is money. Everybody knows this and that’s what makes Instant Butler so awesome. You can access all of your content lightning fast.

Easily and fast find your posts

You often spend a lot of time finding posts and pages, browsing the different pages. Instant Butler erases this problem. Simply type the name of your post / page and it'll show right up!

Beautiful UI

The slick interface is designed as the administration area and therefore have the same look and feel as the native features in Wordpress. It even matches your current color scheme!

Super lightweight

The plugin weighs less than 100 KB and will therefore not take up much of your precious web space, or slow down your site. Everything loads smooth and fast.

Work faster than ever!

We took some pretty ordinary tasks that you might run into on a day-to-day basis and tested them with and without Instant Butler, to illustrate the awesomeness of the plugin. See our results below!

Finding specific post on page 2

One of the most common tasks is editing pages/posts on your website.

With Instant butler, the process of finding existing pages, posts, etc. just became a whole lot faster... well, Instant!

We made ten tests with and without Instant Butler and on the right you can see the result.
With Instant Butler
Without Instant Butler

Finding 5 different posts

You often spend a lot of time, creating and editing posts when setting up and managing a Wordpress site. This can either be dummy text or actual content.

No matter, the process is involved with a lot of clicking. We want to reduce this amount.
With Instant Butler
Without Instant Butler

Finding a plugin in the Wordpress-repo

You often need to empower your website with plugins from the Wordpress-repo. This process currently involves four steps:

1. Click Plugins
2. Click "Add new
3. Click the searchfield
4. Type what you search for.

Instant Butler solves this in a SINGLE step:

1. Simply type "p" followed by the plugin name. Like so: "p instant butler"
With Instant Butler
Without Instant Butler

Key Features

  • Indexed, instant results!

    All results is indexed and cached in your browser. Suggestions will show up instantly as you type. Stop waiting, start creating!
  • Simply type anywhere to search

    Simply type on your keyboard to toggle the Butler. He's clever enough to know when you're not typing in a textfield.
  • Quickly find your posts

    The Butler can search all your post types like blog posts and pages, but also your custom ones, like your webshop products.
  • Search plugins

    Easily create custom events, to search the Wordpress plugin-repo without having to click anything or anywhere.
  • Customize keywords

    Rename specific menus like "All pages" or "Add post" to anything you like. This could be a number like 1 or 2, so that you can access your most used menus faster than ever!
  • Fits your favorite admin color

    The Butler will match your current admin color scheme to fit in like a native functionality.
  • Search posts content

    Search your posts for a specific keyword - this could be an outdated phone number or contact e-mail.
  • Responsive - use on your mobile

    The Butler will fit any screen! Makes Wordpress management on mobile / small screen devices faster than ever!
  • Beatiful Interface

    Everything is worked down to its last detail. Even the settings page is as intuitive, beautiful and smooth as the Butler itself. We've put many hours in the user experience, which we hope you will enjoy!

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